Volunteer Abroad

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"Turning a slope in the Blue Mountains into a set of stairs - very cool and a good sense of satisfaction afterward – a little bit of creativity and a lot of teamwork go a long way! In fact, the entire project was the best I’ve seen and would gladly work on it for 10 weeks straight if I could! Paul is an amazing team leader who made the experience so much better – he was really great (and a good cook on the barbecue, too). Thanks! An excellent experience!" - George, USA ~ Volunteer in Australia

"I just wanted to touch base with you, I've been in Guatemala for two weeks and a few days now, and I absolutely love it. My host family is great, I climbed a volcano and went to a beach by the name of Monterrico. I work at a library with children every day and I love it, and I'll continue Spanish school for my last two weeks as well. Thank you for everything!" Stephanie, USA ~ Volunteer in Latin America

India has been absolutely crazy--but definitely wonderful--so far. From Mumbai we went to Lonavala where we were based during the trekking and ashram stay. The trekking was really cool and the Ashram stay was really nice as well. We did yoga twice daily and were also able to get massages, mud packs, etc. during the day which was really well-timed to follow the trek.The food here has also been amazing...I'm going to be working at the ASRO HIV/AIDS Care Center, there are 7 AIDS orphans there (who are all HIV+) and they are on summer holiday from school right now so I will be able to spend a lot of time with them as well which is exciting. The facilities are really nice as are all of the staff that we met today, so I'm really looking forward to working there." Alyssa, England ~ Volunteer in India & Thailand

"My experience in Costa Rica was truly life changing. Cultural Embrace gave me the opportunity to experience rural life and provided adequate flexibility to allow me to travel and explore Costa Rica. The work was rewarding and the leisure time was always a blast.  Experiencing “farm life,” and contributing to the community were essentials of my C.E. experience, the life-long friendships I established far surpass any other aspect of my trip. Overall, I believe the Costa Rica volunteer program is one of exceptional quality and of immense value to anyone who experiences it."
Joel, USA ~ Volunteer in Latin America

"Thanks for checking in. Patti and I are having the best time travelling...Vietnam is an amazing place. So far our program is great. There seems to be a lot of fun things to come."  Rachel, USA ~ Volunteer in Vietnam