Teach Abroad

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I can honestly say that I love coming to school everyday … When I have to leave these kids, it is going to be one of the hardest things that I will ever have to do. The only thing that I wish is that I have made the same impact on my students as they have made on me.”  -Justin, USA  ~ Teach in Chile

I highly recommend Cultural Embrace to anyone looking to see the world.  The staff makes sure you are set up before you leave and that you will be taken care of once you reach your destination.  I have researched competitors' offers and yes, CE does indeed give the best value.  At the same time, what you see and experience really can't be measured in monetary terms. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.”  -Jennifer, USA  ~ Teach in Chile

"I experienced the 'real China' and it was great! I will always look back at all the fond memories of an interesting job, very sweet and kindhearted people, great Chinese food and EXCELLENT TRAVELING OPPORTUNITIES!"  Anup, Canada ~ Teach in China ’01-’02, Teach in Poland ’03-’04, Teach in Latin America ‘05

"Everything is going very well here in China!  Tom and I both arrived without any problems, and the staff here has been extremely welcoming and helpful.  The accomodations are also very nice.  We have already done a great deal of exploring, and there is so much more to see".Shawn, USA ~Teach in China

"I could write volumes about the experience...but probably the most enlightening for me was forcing myself into a situation of total frustration: where everyday is filled with despair and flailing arms as if you were drowning. A few weeks of that is enough to change anyone’s life even a little. And after that, there’s this period of growth on a scale that you could never experience in your homeland (speaking your native language). And once you settle in to the new environment - living like a local – THAT feeling is indescribable!"- Bret, USA ~Teach in Latin America