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  • Bummer by Childcare in France Participant Stephanie Pratt

    6/8/2011 9:19:08 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

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    It was a chilly night, a boring night, a night where nothing to exciting could possible happen. I thought, however I found myself walking down champs-elyeese with Lindsey that boring Tuesday night. We got ourselves a bottle of wine, found a nice bench just next to the arc de triumph and played some rummy. (That’s a card game if you didn't know, because I didn't know) It was a dull night saved once again by Lindsey’s push, which I’d have to say is one of her best personality traits. I love that she can turn anything, nothing, into something.
     Anyway so there we we're just a couple of California girls sitting on a park bench, playing cards sharing wine. A bum walks up to us and asks us for a cigarette, well we can't speak French very well, okay so I can't speak French at all really. So me and Lindsey just kept saying no, no no. Or I guess non, non, non since it was French. Eventually tipsy Lindsey was done with the bums badgering and she nicely said "arret" which means "stop!” This really angered the drunken man and after what I am assuming are some French curse words, leaned forward and continued to spit on Lindsey.
    Yes you read that right, a bum spit on Lindsey. Thankfully she had some ninja moves that night and managed to dodge it enough so that it didn't hit her face, but instead her sleeve. We looked at each other in awe and terror. He then quickly turned around, walked away and copped a feel of my derriere. Yes, once again you have not read wrong-- he touched my butt. This bum spit on Lindsey and touched my butt.
    Oh Paris, what colorful people you have.
     Besides this little stumble part of my night, it was amazing! I learned rummy and walked down Champs-Elyeese listening to the one French song about walking down Champs-Elyeese. Do you know what I’m talking about?
    Anyway, I started school today. It seems like I’ll like it, the teacher is nice but strict and I really like the teaching method. You can ONLY speak French, nothing else. I'm excited to start practicing my French and learning it. Would you like to hear what I’ve learned? Bare with me here...
    Bonjour, Je m'appelle Stephanie. Je suis Américaine, et je parle Anglais et un pue français. J’habite au Vésinet et je suis étudiante.
    A Benito!
    Stephanie Pratt
    Au Pair
    ps here is mimi (my best friend)


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